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The Ottimmo College Admission program guides your child through the entire application process starting with middle school and high school courses and extracurricular choices. Our educators are experts in the admission process and will help your child navigate paperwork and college selection, keeping his/her individual needs in mind.

Our program includes:

• Help with middle and high school courses
• Guidance selecting extracurricular activities and identifying and honing personal talents
• Help with identifying and scheduling summer enrichment programs and courses
• Assistance regarding community service opportunities and internships
• Standardized test timetables and strategies
• Details about colleges and course work
• A campus visit checklist and scheduled visits
• Guidance when evaluating admissions options
• Detailed application requirements and submission options
• Guidance for topic selection and the organization of college essays
• Assistance preparing a resume
• Information on financial aid and scholarship resources
• Training for college admission interviews